Overview of Push Notifications

Uptime supports several third party providers which can receive incident alerts that are generated by Uptime. Here is a brief list of our current integrations.

In order to configure third party push notifications, you will go to Notifications>Integrations, then choose the relevant integration profile.

Once you've configured your integration, you will need to assign it to a contact and make sure that contact is notified when a Check fails.

First, click Notifications>Contacts>New Contact. Select the integration you created from the Push Notifications field within the New Contact screen.

Finally, return to your Check’s Edit screen and assign the integration contact you created as one of the Contacts to be notified of a downtime event.

Test your integration with one of the following two options:

  1. Force the Check assigned to your Integration to fail by altering it (HTTPS checks can use a misspelling of the domain, for example)
  2. Click Notifications>Contacts, then click Actions>Test to send a test to the Contact


For documentation on configuring our current integrated third party providers, then please visit the following links:

If you’re using a third party provider for push notifications that is not currently integrated with Uptime.com, then please submit their API for review at support@uptime.com.

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