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Discord is a server-based community communication tool that allows real-time messaging, voice and video calls, and bot integrations. The integration displays alerts and useful links within Discord for quick and easy-to-use notifications for your most important websites and applications.

Please Note: The instructions you will see are based on a third-party, and are subject to change without warning. For more information on the Discord internal setup please review their documentation.

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Integration Functionality

  • Provides uptime and downtime events to a given Discord server and channel.
  • Provides quick links to both Real Time Analysis and the alert history for checks experiencing downtime.

Integration Setup

To set up the integration first:

1. If you have not done so already, first register on Discord, and create your own server

2. Navigate back to, and go to the Notifications > Integrations page. 

3. Select the New Profile button, and select the Discord option

4. Name your integration, and then select the Authorize Now button

5. Here, the server should be selected by default, then select the relevant channel, and select the authorize now button

6. Revert back to your Discord Integration setup in, and you will now see the Webhook URL, and Channel both automatically updated. Select Save


Assign Integration to Existing Contacts

To add your integration to an existing contact, click on or type the name of the contact into the Assign to Contacts field within the integration setup screen. 


Create New Contacts for the Integration

Adding a dedicated or new contact cannot be done within the integrations screen. To do so first, click Notifications > Contacts

You can select New Contact, or add your integration to an existing contact. 

Select Datadog from the Integrations field within the Add Contact screen.


Assign Integration Contact to a Check

If you have created a new or dedicated contact for your integration, you will need to add it to specific checks. 

If you have assigned the integration to a contact that is already assigned to one (or more) checks, you may skip this step. 

Finally, return to your Check’s Edit screen and assign Discord as one of the Contacts to be notified of a downtime event and to receive response time metrics.

Metrics will update every five minutes with five data points from one-minute checks. On initial setup, metric data may take up to 30 minutes to initially appear.  

Please note: Response time data is stored based on account usage. stores hourly data for a maximum of 90 days, and daily check data for a period of up to 24 months.  


Test Your Integration

Test your integration with one of the following two options:

  1. Force the Check assigned to your Integration to fail by altering it (HTTPS checks can use a misspelling of the domain, for example)

  2. Click Notifications > Contacts, then click Actions > Test to send a test to the Contact


Final Thoughts

Utilizing Discord as an integration can create visibility to important alerts and notifications for those who need to see it most. With Discord’s granular approach to individual servers and channels, you can make sure that the right people are informed of any events that may need to be tended to.


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