Overview of Contacts

The Contacts page is where you can create and view the contacts that are associated with your performance monitoring events. Access it by clicking Notifications, followed by Contacts. 

The contacts you create on this page will be notified via email, SMS message and/or phone call when a monitoring incident occurs. The number of SMS messages/phone calls you receive may be limited based on the monitoring plan you’ve selected for your account. Under actions, you’re able to edit or delete a contact. Also, there is an option to send test email or SMS messages to confirm future incidents will be received properly.  


Adding/Editing Contacts

The illustration below shows the fields that are displayed when adding/editing a contact which includes the name, email, SMS and phone number. Furthermore, you’re able to add multiple email addresses and SMS numbers to a single contact group if needed. 


The Integrations button will assign your third-party push notification profiles such as PagerDuty, VictorOps, etc. The assignment of your push notification profiles is required before alerts can be sent to a third party provider.

You can also assign On-Call Hours, to designate which staff should receive notifications and at what time periods.