Overview of Contacts

The Contacts page is where you can create and view the contacts that are associated with your performance monitoring events. Access it by clicking Notifications>Contacts. 

Depending on how the contact is configured, individuals or teams associated with each contact will be notified of a downtime incident via:

Please Note: the number of SMS messages/phone calls you receive may be limited based on the monitoring plan you’ve selected for your account.  


From the Contact screen, click Actions to reveal a dropdown menu where you can Edit or Delete a contact. Click Test to simulate a test alert email, SMS message, phone call, or to test an Integration profile. Confirm your contact is receiving the test to ensure future incidents will receive proper notification.

Adding/Editing Contacts

The illustration below shows the fields that are displayed when adding/editing a contact, which include the name, email, SMS/phone number, or integration profile. Furthermore, you’re able to add multiple email addresses and SMS numbers to a single contact group if needed.


The Integrations button will assign your third-party push notification profiles such as PagerDuty, VictorOps, etc. You must setup and then assign a contact to a push notification profile before it can receive alerts.

You can also assign On-Call Hours, to designate which staff should receive notifications and at what time periods. For tips and ideas, see our article on Smart Escalations


Adding Contacts to a Check

Return to a Check’s Edit screen and assign the contact(s) that you created into the Contacts field to be notified of a downtime event.


You can also assign contacts in bulk.