Overview of Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a statistical overview of the checks you’re currently running within your account. This is the default screen for users who log in to Uptime.com, and it displays important information about the checks you have created for your account.


Dashboard Features

Fast Global Metrics: 15-min cached 24hr Global Uptime value, and 15-min global response times. HTTPS metrics are also color coded based on the severity of downtime. Here are specific thresholds that determine when a check is color coded for severity:

HTTP (checks under 3s)

< 1.2s  (Orange)

< 2.2s  (Red)


< 2s    (Orange)

< 4s    (Red)


< 20s   (Orange)

< 30s   (Red)

RUM (full page load)

< 5.5s (Orange)

< 9s   (Red)

RUM (first paint)

< 2.5s  (Orange)

< 3.5s  (Red)

RUM (server time)

< 1.2s  (Orange)

< 2.2s  (Red)

Check Cards: Check cards contain response time graphs depending on check type. Certain checks, such as SSL and Malware/Blacklist, do not display graphs. Each card is sorted by down state, then by duration of downtime. Click Show More to add an additional 4 check cards. Loading more checks affects Auto-Refresh Rate (see below). 


Checks Data: Quickly determine how many checks are running, how many are down, the ratio of uptime for the past 24 hours, and the average response time for all checks. 

Clickable Filters: Easily filter access to checks by status or check type; simply click the status or check type to see all corresponding checks. 

Latest Alerts: View the 5 Latest Events that caused an alert, and check the status of any downtime with short summaries and access to more detailed reporting.

Time Since Last Outage: View the time since the last alert was issued with a quick summary of outages from the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. 


Auto-Refresh Rate: Set the intervals at which Dashboard data will auto refresh with the auto-refresh icon. Data refresh ranges are from 2 to 60 minutes, with the option to refresh now. Please note, auto-refresh is paused when you Show More checks. 


Fullscreen Functionality: Click the Fullscreen button to view the Uptime.com Dashboard in full screen. 


Add Check: Add a new check type from your Dashboard. Review this Overview of Checks to see a full list of check types available to Uptime.com users.