Overview of Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a statistical overview of the checks you’re currently running within your account. This is the default screen for users who log in to Uptime.com, and it displays important information about the checks you have created for your account.


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Dashboard Features

Fast Global Metrics: 15-min cached 24hr Global Uptime value, and 15-min global response times. Response time metrics are also color coded based on the duration of downtime. 

Check Cards: Check cards contain response time graphs depending on check type. Certain checks, such as SSL and Malware/Blacklist, do not display graphs. Each card is sorted by down state, then by duration of downtime by default. Click Show More to add an additional 4 check cards. Loading more checks affects Auto-Refresh Rate (see below). 


Checks Data: Quickly determine how many checks are running, how many are down, the ratio of uptime for the past 24 hours, and the average response time for all checks. 

Clickable Filters: Easily filter access to checks by status or check type; click the status or check type to see all corresponding checks. 

Latest Alerts: View the Latest Events that caused an alert, and check the status of any downtime with short summaries and access to more detailed reporting. The customizable dashboard allows you to change how these alerts are displayed. See more options below. 


Auto-Refresh Rate: Set the intervals at which Dashboard data will auto refresh with the auto-refresh icon. Data refresh ranges are from 2 to 60 minutes, with the option to refresh now. Please note: auto-refresh is paused when you Show More checks. 


Fullscreen Functionality: Click the Fullscreen button to view the Uptime.com Dashboard in full screen. 

Add New: Add a new check type from your Dashboard. Review the Overview of Checks to see a full list of check types available to Uptime.com users. 

Customizing Your Dashboard

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Customize your dashboard to change which check cards are on display, how many cards users can see at once, how the cards are arranged, and more. 


You can also save your dashboard customization and adjust it as needed. Saved Dashboards are available for later sessions, or can be customized further as needed.

Dashboard setup.png

An unsaved dashboard not showing the Metric Summary section.

Global Options

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Global options control the fundamentals of your customized dashboard, and determine which checks will appear. You can further customize the look and feel in subsequent tabs. The Global section determines which checks your dashboard will display.

Dashboard customization 3.png

Dashboard Name

The displayed name for a dashboard. 

Auto-Select Checks by Tag

Include all present or future checks with any of the selected tags. Learn more about creating and managing tags to group checks together. 

Manually Select Checks

Include checks from a list you create from a pool of all checks within your account. Tip: You can manually select checks in addition to the checks you’ve selected by tag. 

Include the Following Checks

These options toggle which checks will appear in your customized Dashboard. Your options are as follows: 

  • Up
  • Down
  • Paused
  • Under Maintenance

A tick mark indicates you wish to include checks that fall under these categories. By default, paused checks are not selected and not shown on your customized dashboard.

Metric Summary

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The Metric Summary section can be hidden to emphasize individual check cards if desired.


You can also select which metrics are shown in this section, toggling between all checks in your account or the checks you selected in the Global Options tab. 



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These options determine the display order and number of check cards a customized dashboard will display. Users can display a maximum of 20 check cards, with a primary and secondary sort order to determine in what order checks should appear. 

Dashboard Checks.png

Show/Hide Check Cards

Show/hide the check cards from this dashboard.

Number of Check Cards

Select the number of check cards to show in the Checks section. Tip: Add up to 20 check cards to allow up to 20 individual check cards to auto refresh statistics. 

Sorting Order

Users can select a primary and secondary sorting order to determine how check cards appear within the customized dashboard. Options include:

  • Check Name
  • Check Domain
  • Date Created (latest)
  • Up/Down State
  • Last Alert Date
  • 1hr Response Time (slowest)

 Changing these options will arrange checks according to the primary value, with the secondary value determining how to display checks that have the same primary value. 

Tip: The default values of Up/Down State as the primary and Last Alert Date as the secondary sort order will show you recent outage cards at the top of the list, with checks that have most recently experienced an alert as the secondary sort value. 


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Dashboard alerts.png

This tab allows you to customize how Latest Alerts are displayed, creating a customized list of latest alerts that exclude irrelevant information. If you need to exclude alerts that you triggered for testing, or you want to hide specific alerts based on certain criteria, check this tab. 

Show/Hide Latest Alerts

Use this option to toggle the display of the Latest Alerts

Show Alerts for all Checks

Include alerts from all checks, not just the selected checks. 

Include Ignored Alerts

Include/exclude alerts marked as “ignored” or under maintenance in the Latest Alerts listing.

Include Resolved Alerts

Include or exclude alerts that are no longer down in the alert listing. 

Number of Alerts to Show

A maximum of 15 Latest Alerts can be shown, with a minimum of 5.

Saving Multiple Dashboards

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Depending on your subscription, accounts can save a certain number of customized dashboards. Please check your Account Usage Page for allotments available to your account. 

To save a Dashboard, click the green Preview button and then click the Save Disk Icon

Dashboard Hierarchy

Once you’ve created more than one dashboard, you can change where and how they appear in the Dashboard menu and homepage. Click Customize from the Dashboard Menu, and select the Menu Position

Dashboard Menu.png

You can also Pin a specific dashboard to the left-hand side menu. When you click Dashboard, pinned dashboards will be threaded below. 

Dashboard new.png

Want to see our checks in action? Check out our youtube-logo-final.svg YouTube Library for more!

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