How do I know That is Working?

If you need to check functionality, or verify that a particular check or alert is working as intended, use these steps:

Test the Contact or Integration

Once you’ve configured an integration, or created a contact, you should test the alert system to ensure it is delivering alerts as intended. Click Notifications > Contacts, locate the contact you wish to test and click Actions > Test. will generate a test notification via email, SMS, phone call and/or integration (according to the configuration of the specific contact).


A test alert sent via email


Test alert sent via SMS

Trigger a Failed Check

You may wish to simulate downtime by adding a check to a domain or IP address that you can temporarily take down, for example a test page or a page from a dev site. You can confirm that Uptime's monitor correctly detects, raises an alert & notifies the correct contact of the downtime. Extend your outage to trigger any escalations you may have created. 

See our article on Smart Escalations for ideas on how this works. 

Refer to Analysis

To access Real-Time Analysis, locate the check you want to review and click Actions>Analysis.  Click Load Real-Time Check Status and will report the status of the probe servers assigned to your check. You can confirm if the servers have detected recent changes, if locations or new servers have been assigned, if the check is in retry state, and whether the probe servers are currently registering as UP or DOWN. 


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