What is Synthetic Monitoring?

Uptime.com offers monitoring services that perform a variety of functions. Synthetic monitoring simulates user inputs and actions on a webpage as if a human user were interacting with the site, with inputs like mouse clicks and typing information. Using this type of monitoring, you can ensure that forms such as logins are functioning correctly, and you can be alerted if issues arise with any step of this user journey so they can be addressed to ensure your users have a seamless experience with your website.

Synthetic monitoring checks fall into two types in the Uptime.com platform: transaction checks and API checks.

  • Transaction checks simulate user inputs on a webpage to ensure that the user’s desired outcome can be completed. Our transaction checks offer a variety of Commands and Validations that are used to direct the browser as if it were a human user issuing these inputs.
  • API checks send data to an API which allows separate pieces of software to communicate with a common language. The check receives a response back from the API, and this information is communicated back to Uptime.com from the response of the API.
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