How Many Websites/Domains Can I Monitor?’s subscription plans are not based on a per-site basis, but rather on a per-check basis. We do not limit the number of sites you can monitor, but rather the number of checks allotted. For example, a basic HTTP(S) check will simply look for a 200 status OK as well as if a string is shown for your site to ensure it is up and working. You can use these checks to monitor as many sites as necessary, within the total check numbers allowed by your plan. Similarly, you could run a more advanced transaction check that mimics a user journey on the same website as the HTTP(S) check. This would count towards your transaction check total rather than the total number of websites you can monitor.

You can have multiple basic checks and multiple advanced checks associated with the same site or you can allocate one check per site as necessary.

For more information about our subscription plans and the numbers and types of checks offered with each, please see the Pricing page.

Additionally, if you have any further questions about types of monitoring or subscription plans, feel free to reach out to

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