My Outage is Resolved, but the Component is Still Showing Down

If the components of a Status Page go down and then appear to be resolved on your end, but the Status Page still reports performance issues, there could be a configuration issue with the Status Page or components. 

It is recommended that you check the “Uptime calculated by” option in the History & Incidents section for the Status Page. If “Incident Duration” is selected, the Incidents will need to be manually resolved for the components to return to the UP status.



Additionally, when adding a Resolved update to an Incident, there is the option to Reset all affected components to ‘Operational.’ If this option is unchecked, the components will not be automatically reset to Operational, and the Status Page may still display performance issues. Generally when adding a Resolved incident status, this box should be checked to ensure that components display the appropriate status.


Another possibility is that the component status on the Status Page has been manually adjusted to reflect performance issues, but has not been manually returned to Operational once the downtime is resolved.


Finally, if the component options in the “When check recovers, always set the component status to” option is set to “No Change,” then any check-based components will not automatically recover once the associated checks return to the UP state.

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