How can Users Retrieve One-Minute Metrics with

With the exception of checks that run once per day, provides performance metrics for each check used to monitor a given URL or IP address. Users can review these metrics from performance graphs, or by downloading either a PDF or XLS containing this data for review. 

Metric Data has some important limits to be aware of:

  • Metric data is retained in 1-minute intervals for 30 days
  • Hourly aggregated data is retained for 90 days 
  • Daily aggregated data is retained for a maximum of two years depending on the account plan

It’s also important to note that the check interval determines what metrics are available. API checks can have a minimum check interval of every one minute (Depending on subscription plan) and Transaction Checks have a minimum check interval of every five minutes. All other check types (excluding once-per-day checks such as SSL, Blacklist/Malware, and WHOIS Expiry) can provide one-minute metrics. 

It is possible to retrieve one-minute metrics using a few methods. 

Integration Providers that allow for One-Minute Metrics

Some third-party push notification providers allow users to retrieve one-minute metrics. These metrics are served in five minute batches, such that each batch contains five data points for each minute. The following providers can provide one-minute metrics:

If your team uses any of these providers, follow the above-linked instructions to configure an integration profile and receive metrics where your team works and collaborates. 

API Calls for One-Minute Metrics

Alternatively, API calls can be used to retrieve metrics each minute. Using the Checks endpoint, users can make a single API call to retrieve metrics for an array of checks. This raw data can be used in a variety of reporting applications.

  • The Response-Time endpoint provides raw response time metrics for a specific check for all locations, with up to 1-minute resolution
  • The Stats endpoint provides uptime and response time statistics for a check (at a minimum 15-minutes resolution) 

Users who configure a Dashboard can use the API Dashboard Stats endpoint to retrieve performance metrics for all checks associated with the customizable dashboard defined. If you have configured a Status Page, you can use the Status Page Stats endpoint to retrieve the relevant performance metrics as needed. 

Please Note: To ensure high performance and fair access of the API for all our customers, enforces fair use limits on API calls. Review your API access in your account for more details.

Try the Github Page for Examples maintains a Github page that features examples of API calls that are ready to use. Here are some examples that utilize the REST API to configure or check the status of checks. 

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