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Uptime.com's website performance and availability platform uses a flexible subscription model. Select from 3 base presets of Starter, Essential or Premium (plus a Custom tier for needs that go beyond Premium), and adjust individual feature quotas as needed from there. From your Uptime.com account, account owners can add additional quotas, manage your payment methods, and see previous invoices.

Please note: All account user types can view the current subscription. However, additional purchase permissions can be granted by the account owner to specific users (View & Modify and higher) to purchase add-on check selections.


Table of Contents:

Subscription Plans



Uptime.com offers a number of presets to allow you to start your subscription. Subscriptions can be billed monthly or annually, with new annual plans eligible for a discount of 2-months free.

Pricing page.png


Prices included on our Pricing page are for new clients and are subject to change at any time prior to your subscription date. If you already have an Uptime.com subscription your current subscription can be found in our account under Billing > Subscription Summary.

From the same Subscription Summary page, there is an option to Change your current monthly plan to annual, Manage Add-Ons and Manage Subscription.

Our features – checks, reports, and status pages, etc. – all work the same regardless of plan, with exceptions for the Starter plan that does not have access to some advanced features and offers lower quotas as an introductory plan. Higher tiers have additional features and increased base quotas, as well as eligibility for add-ons like Subaccounts and Private Location Monitoring.

Please note: our 14-day Free Trial comes with the full Premium-tier quotas and features to make sure you get the full picture of our platform and capabilities.




The Starter plan is our introductory subscription tier. It features a smaller quota of checks and can help you get introduced to the system, but there are some unavailable features that can not be accessed - great for single user business or just getting started to understand website monitoring. You may expand some of the presets in this plan but may be limited with features.

For a full breakdown of what’s included in the Starter tier, see that column on our Pricing page



The Essential plan is our middle subscription tier, with larger base quotas than the starter plan as well as more features. This plan is  great for small businesses with smaller scale monitoring needs.

For a full breakdown of what’s included in the Essential tier, see that column in our Pricing page




The Premium plan is our higher subscription tier, and comes with everything our monitoring platform has to offer – great for mid-to large-scale organizations. 

For a full breakdown of what’s included in the Premium tier, including the additional features and services not found in Essential, see that column on our Pricing page




For the largest organizations whose needs go beyond Premium, we are happy to work with you on a custom subscription plan.

Contact us using our Contact form, or send us an email directly to support@uptime.com.


Generating a Quote


You will first need to navigate to Billing > Subscribe, and select one of the 3 base plans. Once selecting the Subscribe button, on the next page, by clicking the View Quote button, there is an option to generate a PDF. 

After subscribing to a base plan, the Manage Add-ons tool, found from the Billing > Manage Add-ons also has the capability to generate PDF quotes based on the selected plan (and any additional quota increases).

Active paying or Free Trial accounts can access this tool and generate necessary quotes. 

For specific steps for this process, see Using the Manage Add-Ons Tool below. 

For prospective clients without a Free Trial account, please contact support@uptime.com with an outline of your use case and monitoring needs, and we’ll generate a quote for you.


Managing Your Subscription


Uptime.com account owners have the primary permissions to update payment methods from the Subscription Summary page and add additional quotas using the Manage Add-ons Tool, but other account users can view more general account details.

Additionally, an Allow add on purchase permission setting is available for account owners to grant access to certain users (View & Modify or higher) to make purchases without account owner approval.

By navigating to Billing > Manage Subscription, here will present what current plan the account is on.

Please Note: Only available for paid subscriptions only.

Pricing 2.png

Another option is to navigate to Billing > Subscription Summary, where this will also show what current plan the account is on.


Please Note: If you are on the Premium level plan, the Essential plan option will be greyed out.

The same can be said, if you are on the Essential plan, the Starter Plan option will be greyed out.
Also, you are unable to change your billing interval when upgrading your current plan.

For more information on user permissions, see our support article Overview of Account Management.

If you need to change the account owner, please email support@uptime.com.


Updating Payment Methods


Account owners can go to Billing > Subscription Summary to edit Payment Methods. Click the Edit button next to the Payment Method to make any necessary changes.


Currently supported payment methods are credit card or PayPal.

Please note: We may accept invoicing of payment via PO for Premium clients only, on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact support@uptime.com.


Managing Billing Notifications


If it is necessary to change or add users who receive billing emails, an account owner or administrator can use the "Send new invoices via email" checkbox in the Edit User dialogue box to notify Uptime which users should receive invoice emails.

As an account owner or administrator, click Settings > Users. Then, for the user who needs permission to receive invoice emails, click Actions > Edit:



In the Edit Account User pop-up, check the Send new invoices via email box and click Save:




Note that all users who have the Send new invoices via email box checked for their user account will receive billing emails. If it is desired that only a single user is responsible for receiving billing emails, then an account owner or administrator should ensure that this box is checked only for the appropriate user.


Viewing Current Account Usage


Go to Billing > Account Usage to see a breakdown of your Uptime.com account's available features, as well as associated usage and quota limits.

Please note: If subaccount(s) are activated, each subaccount will have a separate column for their quotas, with a final column for total quota.


Upgrading Your Subscription


To upgrade your subscription from Starter to Essential or to Premium, go to Billing > Manage Subscription, and select the Subscribe to relevant plan green button.



Using the Manage Add-Ons Tool


Our flexible subscription model means that you can add exactly what features or additional quota limits as required, at any time. Add features up to the base limits of the next subscription tier without upgrading the overall plan.

To do so, go to Billing > Manage Add-Ons, and use the tool to add on each desired amount. It will show a total at the bottom, and by clicking the “Next” button you can generate a quote of the updated subscription rate.

Please note: When using the manage add-ons tool on the Starter plan, there are some features you are unable to add, and the quota limits are not allowed to exceed the Essential plan. You will be prompted to upgrade to the Essential plan if the limits are exceeded.
The same can be said for the Essential plan, where the quota limits are not allowed to exceed the Premium plan limits. If they do, you will be first prompted to upgrade to the Premium level. 

If your subscription (or desired upgrade) goes into Custom plan territory, you’ll be prompted to contact support@uptime.com for assistance. At that point, we will assist you with any additional quota limits and take care of the billing as well. 

Please note: As a reminder, only the Account Owner has Add On Purchases permission by default. The owner may provide access to additional users as mentioned in the Account management documentation. However, all users can view the self-service subscription tool.


In-Window Upgrades


In the case of exceeding your check limits, instead of navigating to the Billing > Upgrade page, you are able to purchase checks just from the check creation window. 

On the Uptime.com UI, if you navigate to Monitoring > Checks, and proceed to press the “Add New” button, once trying to create a new check of a that you have exceeded the quota limit for, a message will be prompted, allowing the purchase of the check.



By selecting purchase, provided your payment information has been set up correctly, you will see a confirmation message prompted, and an email will be sent. The addition will also be available to be viewed under the Billing>Invoices page.

You still have the option however, to manually upgrade the check quota limit from the same prompted message, by simply clicking the Manually Upgrade button.


For users that can’t purchase the check directly, there will be an option to send a request to the account owner.

Account owners can navigate to Settings > Users, and provide  a user of access level View & Modify (or higher) with the permission to Allow add on purchase. This will enable the user to purchase the check for the account without approval.

Please note: All purchases made will be reported to the account owner by email.


Please note: Accounts with Audit Log enabled will also reflect any such check purchases.


Generating A Quote


To generate a quote, go to Billing > Manage Add-Ons and select the additional quota amounts necessary.

At the bottom of the screen, there will be a banner that says “Next”.


From there, there will be a box labelled Purchase Summary, with a link for “View Quote”, which will generate an automatic PDF quote with an Uptime.com header and details of your selected addition at your current subscription plan and billing period.


Please note: We will honour the pricing on quotes (automatically generated, or provided by Support) for a period of 30 days from the date of generation. Pricing and quotes generated after that period may be subject to change.

If you have any questions with this process, please contact support@uptime.com.



Billing History


To view Billing History and Invoices, go to Billing > Invoices

The same page can be found by navigating to Billing Subscription Summary then clicking the View button next to Invoices.


Please note: Recent invoices may take an hour or two after processing to be available with in the Uptime.com account.


Security Protections


Uptime.com is committed to protecting consumer credit card data in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our alignment with this standard is reflected in the people, technologies and processes we employ.

The PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC) for our merchant status is also available upon request via dpo@uptime.com.

Final Thoughts


Uptime.com offers a flexible billing plan and ad hoc subscription additions to make it easy to pay for exactly what you need, with no fear of waiting for upcoming billing periods or fees to adjust your subscription. Select what you want and know that if you need more later, you can add it just as easily then.

If you have any questions, please contact support@uptime.com for further assistance!

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