Can I Customize My Plan? provides flexible plans that meet every monitoring need. We offer several “presets” that address the most common needs of most users, but also allow for self-service add-ons for individual features and check types as you need. These plans, their features, and limits available are described in detail on the Pricing page.

Account owners and admins with purchase permissions can access and adjust their subscription in the  Billing > Manage Add-Ons page. This allows for an overview of the check types and quantities available on the account, with the option to easily add options such as checks, SMS and phone credits, Status Pages, User Accounts, and more.

In addition, if your use case is unique and doesn’t easily fit in any of our preset plans, we can work together to create a Custom Plan. Contact us here to get a Custom Quote. 

For any other questions about billing, subscriptions, or add-ons, please feel free to email

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