Uptime and PagerDuty | A Smarter Uptime Monitoring System

Operations and IT teams are feeling increased demand for always-on infrastructure, and incident reporting of critical statistics. Uptime.com provides an intuitive and powerful monitoring solution with reporting at your fingertips.

Combined with PagerDuty, the leading digital operations management platform, DevOps teams have access to a versatile solution for first-response downtime monitoring. Uptime.com delivers technical data and root cause analysis to PagerDuty through an easy-to-configure Integration. Proactively reduce downtime with a sophisticated Transaction Check system that simulates real user interactions.

Powerful Features

A highly reliable system for downtime incident reporting.


Performance Monitoring

  • Unlimited testing from 6 continents
  • Run tests every minute for the most sensitive web infrastructure
  • Comprehensive dashboards and status pages provide constant verification of server status

Flexible Alert System

  • Customizable alerts for a constant watch on critical applications
  • Notify Operations of downtime events through SMS, phone, email, and PagerDuty push notifications
  • Escalate based on severity, set maintenance windows, delegate to specific personnel, and more

With the Integration, teams benefit from a sophistated response system, that integrates directly into your team’s workflow. Through identifying and automating your response strategy with Uptime.com and PagerDuty, your team will prevent future monitoring issues.

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