Malware/Virus Check Basics

This article covers the setup of the Malware / Virus check within Your domain will be checked once per day against these two major malware databases to determine if you have malware:

  1. Google Safe Browsing List
  2. Yandex Safe Browsing List

This tutorial assumes you are signed into your account.


Adding Your First Malware / Virus Check

To add a new Malware / Virus Check, click on Monitoring and Checks from the left navigation menu. Then, click the Add New button.

In the Add Check pop-up box:

  • Enter a name for your Malware / Virus Check.
  • Choose Malware / Virus from the Check type dropdown box.
  • Enter the domain to check.


Check Your Domain for Malware

The Uptime Malware / Virus check looks for your domain on the Google Safe Browsing List and Yandex Safe Browsing List once each day. Domains on these lists are flagged as having dangerous malware.

Failed Checks

If your domain is on either of the safe browsing lists, will send an alert to the contact email you specified when setting up your account. This alert includes which safe browsing list your domain has been found on. Be sure you check and remove dangerous malware from your domain BEFORE contacting the list owners to request removal.

Finalizing Your Check

Required fields in the Malware / Virus check include:

  • Name of check
  • Check Type
  • Domain