When Does Uptime.com Alert Me?

Uptime.com issues alerts to users containing technical details of the downtime incident/check failure. 

We recommend users configure checks with at least three probe server locations, and sensitivity and retry values of 2. 

We will assume these settings as we outline the conditions that affect when you will receive alerts.

Sensitivity and Retries 

Uptime.com will issue an alert when the number of probe servers reporting DOWN matches the sensitivity set for the particular check. Each probe server will retry its check based on the number of retries configured.

Use Case: HTTP(S) Check With 3 Locations and Sensitivity and Retry Values Set to 2


When a single probe server location reports as DOWN, it will retry its operation. If only one location goes down then no alert is issued as our sensitivity is set to 2. However, the failed location’s status will be visible in your check’s real-time analysis screen. 


If a second probe server fails before the first failed location recovers, Uptime.com will issue an alert (as there are now 2 failed locations).
when_does_uptime_alert_me_1.pngUptime.com will issue additional alerts to any contacts you have assigned to the check’s escalations settings. 


A check will return to UP status only when all probe server locations resolve to UP status. 

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