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This document will explain the data points and graphs under the Bounce Rate tab of a RUM report. This is a companion document for RUM, and is best used once you have generated a RUM snippet and are actively collecting data.

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Bounce Rate vs. Sessions

This graph visualizes bounce rate compared against the page views for the URL, group, or domain you are monitoring with RUM. 

RUM session activity timeout is 30 minutes, so by default, we show the past session's worth (30 minutes) of data. As a result, bounce rate will usually appear as 0%, e.g. if a session has only 1 click, bounce cannot be determined. We highly recommend adjusting the date range to include a high volume of page view data. 


Bounce Rate vs. Load Time

This graph compares bounce rate to page load time, and helps to correlate decreases in performance with increases in users bouncing from your website. 


Bounce Rate vs. Errors

This graph color codes each error type for comparison against the bounce rate recorded for the URL or group you are monitoring with RUM. This graph is helpful for correlating error rate with bounce rate. 


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