Why am I Not Seeing My RUM Data?

Having trouble seeing RUM data after you’ve setup a RUM check? This page will help troubleshoot the issue.

Did you Remember the HTML Snippet?

Once you have created a RUM check, Uptime.com will provide an HTML snippet needed to collect RUM data. Remember, the RUM check only monitors pages that include this HTML snippet.

Is the HTML Snippet in the Proper Place?

The RUM snippet must be placed before any scripts you wish to track with RUM (usually within the <head> attributes). Without placing the snippet in your site’s code we are unable to retrieve data.

Once you have verified you have taken these steps, you need to wait until the URLs you’ve configured receive traffic. If the problem persists, contact Uptime.com support and let us know your findings.

Are Settings Blocking the RUM Script?

Content security policies on your domain’s side can prevent the RUM script from firing. To check if this is an issue, use your browser’s console and reload the URL that contains the RUM script. The console will inform you if the script is blocked:


And you may also see a warning message:


In addition to whatever permissions your site needs without the RUM snippet, there will be CSP directives that you need to include with the snippet.

It’s important to note that the stricter your site’s permissions, the more adjustments may need to be made. For example, you may need to adjust script-src to: https://rum.uptime.com/static/rum/compiled/v2/rum.js

If you have adjusted these values and your data is still not firing, or you have questions about this implementation, contact support@uptime.com.

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