Can Monitor On-Premises Endpoints? (Not Accessible to the Internet)

Organizations that use on-premises or non-public resources such as internal applications can use’s monitoring services to provide information and alerts on downtime. can allow you to whitelist our servers (see “Whitelisting Our Probes”{add link}) or you may use our Private Locations feature. 

Using a containerized Docker or Kubernetes deployment, you can deploy a Private Location probe to your internal network and deliver information and alerts directly to the interface–as with any other check using a Public Location. This allows for seamlessly monitoring on both external, public endpoints as well as internal endpoints, all within the same interface.



For detailed information about getting started with Private Locations, please see the corresponding documentation here, which includes information about requirements and first steps for deployment.

For technical information, please see our Github page located here.

If you’d like to discuss setting up Private Locations for your organization, please send a message to We are happy to set up a Private Location probe for testing and validation purposes.

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