What is the Uptime.com Launchpad?

When you sign up for Uptime.com, you are greeted with the Launchpad (but every account and user has access to it). This screen details your check usage, allocations, and our entire suite of performance monitoring tools.


Click a check type to begin adding that check, or hover over each check for a brief summary of what it does. 

Launchpad new.gif

Beneath Uptime Intelligent Analyzer, you will find Additional Features such as Dashboard, SLA Reports, Status Pages, and Third-Party Integrations. Private Locations and Subaccounts require a subscription upgrade and a request sent to support@uptime.com.

Finally, you will find Support, where you can get started with our Quick Start Guide, review our support documentation, and view our always expanding video library. You can also click the i icon next to any check type to view its corresponding documentation.

Does the Launchpad Replace the Dashboard?

Free trial users will experience the Launchpad upon signing up, and again when revisiting Uptime.com. Subscribed users will have access to the Launchpad via the clickable link in the left-hand sidebar. The default screen for existing subscribed users will remain your Uptime.com Dashboard. 

Want to see our checks in action? Check out our youtube-logo-final.svg YouTube Library for more!

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