Check States | Pausing a Check checks can be in various states that affect the alerts you receive. This article will cover these states in greater detail. 

Click here to learn more about maintenance states, which are separate from Up, Down, or Paused states.

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Check States

A check can be in one of four different states:

  • Up - Check state is reported as OK and has not issued an alert.
  • Down - Check state is reported as CRITICAL. has issued an alert.
  • Paused - Check is not actively monitoring, collecting metrics, or issuing alerts.
  • Maintenance - Check is in maintenance state. Click here to learn more about maintenance states.

Pausing a Check

Pause a check from Monitoring>Checks. Tick the box next to the check you wish to pause, then click Pause from the dropdown menu above the checks.


Click the Paused filter to view paused checks:


Please note: it is possible to pause checks in bulk.

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