NextGen UI Known Issues is currently in the process of updating our backend code to introduce a new user interface in the future. While there are some minor visual improvements, these are mostly changes to backend services and architecture that will not affect your current workflow while navigating the platform.

As always, the development team is hard at work to proactively identify and correct potential issues. When UI-related issues are identified, they will be documented here to bring awareness to slight differences you may see from the current (“legacy”) UI.

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Zoom Levels may behave differently between legacy UI and Nextgen

Zoom Levels may behave differently between legacy UI and Nextgen

If your browser zoom level is set to a custom value in the NextGen UI, then you navigate back to the legacy UI, the zoom level may be different. This is due to the fact that the NextGen and legacy UI are currently not functionally the same website, as they have different web addresses. There is no method to force a zoom level to transfer from one website to another, so zoom levels may be inconsistent between pages.

Workaround: If you use a custom zoom level in your browser rather than the default, we recommend manually setting your preferred zoom level on each page if it does appear as expected.

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