Configuring HipChat

HipChat is a cloud-based team business communication and collaboration tool. The integration with allows you to send alerts to a room for up/down events, and we have worked together to make the integration seamless. To get started, you will first need to setup a HipChat account at, or use your custom HipChat URL if needed.

NOTE: HipChat and Stride will be discontinued as of February 15th, 2019. All HipChat and Stride users will need to migrate to Slack. Please consult our Slack Integration support article once your data has been migrated to Slack.  


Integration Functionality

  • When an up or downtime event occurs on, an alert is sent to a specific channel in HipChat/Slack

Integration Setup

Login to HipChat, then click Integrations in the header bar. Select Build Your Own Integration, then choose a room. Give it a name and click Create. Copy the webhook URL, then return to

In order to activate the integration of HipChat within your Uptime account, you will go to Notifications>Integrations then choose HipChat as the Provider Type. Name your Integration, then paste the webhook URL you copied from HipChat.

Once you've configured your HipChat integration, you will need to assign it to a contact and make sure that contact is notified when a Check fails. First, click Notifications>Contacts>New Contact. Select HipChat from the Push Notifications field within the New Contact screen. Finally, return to your Check’s Edit screen and assign HipChat as one of the Contacts to be notified of a downtime event.