Uptime Intelligent Analyzer (Previously Monitor Entire Site)

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer (previously known as Monitor Entire Site) runs a domain health check to obtain the status of services including DNS, Web Server, Mail Server, and Blacklist. The service status of these checks is included in the report generated by Uptime.com.

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer is a part of Uptime.com's free tools, and it can check both domains and subdomains.  

Note: Uptime Intelligent Analyzer will automatically block all Gmail-based accounts used in the Web Server check, with the result of "Unable to check, blocked by mail service".

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To run the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer, navigate to Monitoring > Uptime Intelligent Analyzer.

On the next page, simply enter a URL of your choice.


The image below will provide examples of the report that is generated by this check. 

UIA 3.png

Sample Report

Please Note: Only a free trial or paid account can Add Checks Now

There is also an option to run the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer as a new user to Uptime.com.

From the initial sign up screen, new users can input a domain and click the Try For Free button. The Uptime Intelligent Analyzer will run on the specified domain.


You can review previous reports within your Uptime.com account by clicking Monitoring > Uptime Intelligent Analyzer, then selecting the view results option.

UIA view results.png

Checks Created


Once you have added the desired checks from the results, they will appear under Monitoring > Checks with a “UIA” tag attached. Any checks added and created from the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer will be assigned the “UIA” tag to allow you to differentiate between manually and automatically added checks. 

UIA tag.png

Group Check Creation


The Uptime Intelligent Analyzer will also create a group check. Navigate to Monitoring > Checks, where you will see a Group Check created with the name “UIA Group Check”. Any checks you select from the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer results page will be automatically added to the Group Check

Please Note: The Group Check will only be created from the first run of using the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer.


Status Page Check


When running the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer on a URL, the tool will search for a status page associated with the URL. If it is able to detect one, under the Web Server section of the results, there will be a recommendation to create one in the format of an HTTP(s) check. 

Consequently, from the Monitoring > Checks page, a status page check will be automatically created with the UIA tag attached.

Email Summary


After running the Uptime Intelligent Analyzer, you will receive a summary email of the results as well as a list of the checks that have been created.

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer Checks


Uptime Intelligent Analyzer runs the following checks:


Web Server

Mail Server


Review a list of all available checks from Uptime.com here.

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