Uptime Intelligent Analyzer

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer (previously known as Monitor Entire Site) runs a domain health check to obtain the status of services including DNS, Web Server, Mail Server, and Blacklist. The service status of these checks is included in the report generated by Uptime.com

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer is a part of Uptime.com's free tools, and it can check both domains and subdomains.

Note: Uptime Intelligent Analyzer will automatically block all Gmail-based accounts used in the Web Server check, with the result of "Unable to check, blocked by mail service".

You can review previous reports within your Uptime.com account when you click Monitoring>Uptime Intelligent Analyzer

Below you will an example of the report that is generated by this check.




Please Note: Only a free trial or paid account can Add Checks Now

Uptime Intelligent Analyzer runs the following checks:



Web Server


Mail Server


Review a list of all available checks from Uptime.com here.

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