What is Included in a Free Trial?

Uptime.com offers a 14-day Free Trial to allow you to test the full functionality of the platform, so you can fully validate your use case before making a decision.

The Free Trial includes the features that are available with a Premium subscription, including all check types, Locations, and frequency configurations, ensuring that you have time to explore the full capabilities of the platform and how it fits your use case. The features available with the Premium plan are listed in detail on the Pricing page.

While evaluating Uptime.com with a Free Trial, we recommend testing a variety of check types and tools to get a broader perspective on the functionality and benefits that we provide. In your Free Trial, we recommend at least testing these features as they fit your use case:

  • Uptime Intelligent Analyzer creates a suite of basic checks related to a single domain and is a helpful starting point for understanding the basics of monitoring.
  • Transaction checks can be used to monitor complex pathways such as completing a login form, shopping cart, or navigating to a specific section on a page.
  • API Checks can monitor an API with common HTTP requests (POST, GET, PUT, etc.) to send, receive, and validate responses.
  • RUM (Real User Monitoring) provides detailed reporting and metrics on aggregated user experience when visiting your website, such as load times, errors, and content visibility.
  • Status Pages convey information on scheduled maintenance, downtime events, and general system uptime to your site or service users. Display current status for components and configure Page settings to meet your needs.
  • Contacts are one of the most important aspects of monitoring, as they define who is alerted to downtime and when.

Additionally, we are happy to offer the opportunity to test advanced features such as Private Location Monitoring as part of a Free Trial. Please reach out to support@uptime.com with requests to trial this functionality.

Any general questions about the service or the included features in each plan can also be directed to support@uptime.com.

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